Avoiding Nephrolithiasis aka Kidney Stones

The condition of having kidney stones is Nephrolithiasis. A kidney stone is a hard mineral and crystalline, pebble-sized, aggregation formed from dissolved urinary minerals. Stones form within the urinary tract which includes the kidneys. Rather than having to undergo the pain of, and treatment for, Nephrolithiasis, it is better to avoid kidney stones in the first place .

The National Institute of Health recommends drinking up to 12 full glasses of water a day, if you’ve already had a kidney stone. Water helps to flush away the substances that form stones in the kidneys.

Dietary changes or medications are sometimes recommended to decrease the likelihood of developing further kidney stones. It is particularly helpful, if one has passed a stone, to have it analyzed in a laboratory to determine the precise type of stone so specific prevention measures can be considered.

Certain foods are better avoided:

red meat, fish, cucmber, tomato, cauliflower, chikoo, amla, berries, brinjal, mushroom, cashew nuts, pumpkin, milk products (in excess), palak, chaulai, and black grapes.

Certain foods actually help in preventing stones from forming:

coconut water, kulith dal, barley, pineapple, bananas, almonds, lemons, carrots, and karela.