Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Side Effects

For some it is very important to take a cholesterol lowering drug, as recommended by their medical doctor. No matter the reason for taking the drug, the possibility of side effects remains the same. The main drugs prescribed are statins. How do they work? They inhibit an enzyme responsible for producing cholesterol in the liver. Statins are taken in the evening as most cholesterol production occurs in the body at night. Continue reading

Cholesterol Managed by Food

When we ate whole foods, fruits and vegetables grown in our backyards, butter and full cream raw milk, eggs from the backyard chooks, breads that lasted for weeks, meats with the fat on and chicken with the skin on, and meat meals with bones, we did not have the disease rates we have today. All the above foods are unprocessed. It’s not all that long ago. Raw cow’s milk was delivered to our door in suburban Brisbane up to 1986 – and it was good for us then, and it is still good for us today. And the word “cholesterol”, was unknown. Continue reading

The Many Vital Roles of Cholesterol

The word “cholesterol” is being used more and more in relation to health considerations and is mostly portrayed as the enemy, and a harmful substance we must “try hard” to get to a certain number in a blood reading. However, cholesterol is produced by almost every cell in the body predominantly in the liver, and has many vital functions in our body. Continue reading

Your Organic Body

I have been extolling the virtues of chemical free certified organic foods. It seems extraordinary that 30,000 tonnes of chemicals and 500 tonnes of antibiotics are needed annually to be able to produce food conventionally and none is needed under the “organic” system. You might ask how the certified organic farm grows lush nutrient dense food without harm to the environment, and not only sustains but may improve the soil. Continue reading

Chemical Free and Organic

While I am on the subject of organic foods and the idea that all of Australia would thrive under such conditions, I will tender some more information I hope will encourage everyone to seek out “organic” foods. Deborah Wray of Wray Organic Market & Café outlets started her business in 2005, as a result of solving her child’s health problems with chemical free organic fresh foods. What a testimony for this way of eating! Do you have health problems? Maybe it is time to become more informed on chemical free foods as a means of ridding yourself and your family of the threats to your health, and to restore joy to life. Continue reading

NOW 2009 (National Organic Week) and You

National Organic Week finished 25th October. Did you know about it? Was it on National Television? I doubt it! The October 24th Global Day of Climate Change with the 350 action target was in the news. It was to bring attention to governments’ world wide to do better, and to bring agreement in Copenhagen in December that will reverse the steady climb in the CO2 which is currently at 387. Scientists say that 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere is the safe limit for our planet. The website has all the information on the measuring of the high atmosphere CO2. Website is important to visit if you want to get the full picture. Continue reading

Depression and B Vitamins

This week, into my mailbox came an envelope which read “A message from the Chairman of Beyond Blue: the national depression initiative”. I have visited the “Beyond Blue” website before and found no reference to depression having anything to do with food and the nutrition it contains. This has prompted me to write on B vitamins, a basic essential vitamin which is processed out of much of our foods. Other habits decrease this important vitamin in our intestines such as consuming alcohol, eating a boxed cereal for breakfast and wheaten flour breads for lunch. It’s no wonder depression has become a national issue. I have to ask, is it an illness, or is it a nutritional deficiency? Continue reading

I Eat A Good Diet…

One of the most common questions asked as I work the floor of the health food store, is “what can I do? I’m tired, just can’t get motivated, and I eat a good diet.” I ask if medical drugs and nutritional supplements are being taken. If basic nutritional supplements are taken, the next question is, “what do you eat for breakfast?” Continue reading

Fresh Raw Food and Disease

The current series on ABC TV “Planet Food” would have to be a remarkable example of how to prepare and enjoy fresh foods. What a smorgasbord of vitality, tastes, aromas and an example of the sheer enjoyment of the delectable tastes and sensations that fresh un-adulterated unprocessed foods can bring. Vitality of people, energy, song and dance, productivity, and joy for life – from the peoples native to the regions that were visited by the program hostess and enjoyed by her as she visited. Continue reading