NanoEPADHA incorporates the enhanced absorption technique of emulsification1,2,3 as well as a unique combination of equal strength (natural ratio) EPA & DHA, vitamin D3 and ALL 8 biologically active forms of vitamin E.

This fantastically efficacious product is available in two mouth watering flavours – Lemon Creme & Pina Colada; either of which will have you asking if this really is a fish oil!  You won’t find a better fish oil – especially for kids4.

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A host of clinical research is available to back technology and ingredients used in this product, below is just a taste.

EPA & DHA are the longest and hardest fatty acids for the body to process. While our bodies can produce small amounts, it is rarely enough which is why these fatty acids are classed as essential fatty acids (EFA’s).  In the following article Hans R. Larsen, MSc, ChE extrapolates on this point:

Fish Oils: The Essential Nutrients

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2010: Krill Oil Manages Lipids Better Than Fish Oil

Supplementation with Antarctic Krill oil (euphausia superba) is more effective for improving the HDL cholesterol/triglyceride ratio in healthy volunteers than fish oil, according to a new study (Lipids 2010-11-02 DOI: 10.1007/s11745-010-3490-4). The study was carried out by researchers from Akershus University College, University of Oslo, Norway, and from Aker BioMarine. Aker’s branded Superba krill oil supplement was used. Continue reading

Fish Oil and Cholesterol

It’s time to address the cholesterol issue again as heart disease and the use of the cholesterol lowering drugs continue to escalate. And what does fish oil have to do with both of these subjects? We do need to be mindful of why we take “fish oil”. Because it is now common knowledge that “fish oil” is good for you, some take it for arthritis, some for skin eruptions, and some to balance hormones, and so on until we get to those who take it to get their cholesterol readings to fit into the parameters the medical profession specifies. An airline pilot shared with me that he takes up to twelve capsules daily to maintain his readings within these parameters.

Continue reading

Fish Oil and Hormones

I’m surprised how many women and men are not aware of the importance of essential fatty acids in their diets in relation to hormonal health as there is so much publicity in mainstream media about the benefits of the nutrition from fish oils. On checking the web I notice that there is more emphasis towards the other health benefits of fish oils such as for heart, brain and inflammation. However essential fatty acids play a critical role in gaining and maintaining hormonal health. And it doesn’t matter the reason we take them, the benefits will be for all areas of your health. Continue reading

Fish Oils and Whole Foods

It is quite common for people who do not take any basic nutritional supplements at all to ask for help with a specific health problem. When basic nutrition is suggested as well as specific nutrient or herbs for their problem, they may think that I am trying to just “sell more products”. However, one of the most important nutritional elements is essential fatty acids (EFA). Of course minerals and vitamins are also, but people may get more of these from their diet than essential fatty acids. Why are EFA so critical to our wellbeing? Try this for a long list – it seems that essential fatty acid intake must be a panacea for all ills – almost!! Continue reading

Fish Oil May Have Helped Sago Mine Survivor

A doctor says an unconventional treatment may have helped save Randal McCloy, the sole survivor of the Sago Mine tragedy two years ago.

McCloy was treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at Allegheny General and West Virginia University hospitals.

Dr. Julian Bailes, one of McCloy’s attending doctors during that time, says he believes fish oil given to him through a tube into his stomach while he was in a coma aided him.

There wasn’t a lot of information about how fish oil works in humans. Based on the available animal research, the doctors went with a high dose.

“I thought our backs were against the wall with Randy. I thought it was safe. I felt it had a good chance to work and then it wouldn’t harm him,” Bailes said.

Dr. Bailes says McCloy’s tests point to a rebuilding of brain tissue.

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Topics covered include Cardiovascular Health, Endocrine influence, Glucose maintenance, Lipids and triglycerides, Metabolic parameters, Primary prevention, Secondary prevention, Children’s Health and Development, Female Health and Reproduction, Immune Health, Joint and Tissue/Inflammation, Lifestyle and Healthy Living, Mental/Neurological Health, Organ-specific/physiology, Vitamin D Research, GLA Benefits and Environment.

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