The Pure Health Paradigm

What are Pure Health TincTract™ 100% true alcohol free, ratio intact herbs??

Only the purest, most constituent complete and biologically effective liquid herbal extracts on the face of the earth! If you are an herbalist who is passionate about quality, therapeutic efficacy and providing the best product available to your patients but do not know about or have not used these extracts then you need to read on.

Pure Health TincTract™ liquid herbs are extracted using cutting edge glycerin extraction processes. Food grade glycerin is known to be a superior and safer solvent than ethanol when used correctly. It also preserves rather than sterilises so herb constituents (including enzymes and aromatics) correctly extracted with glycerin are brought into solution without being denatured, made inert or altered as they are with ethanolic/alcoholic extraction. The glycerin base also means Pure Health TincTract™s taste significantly better, have a low hyper-glycemic index and (unlike alcohol, which converts very quickly to sugars in the body, glycerin converts so slowly to sugars that it does not have a high hyper-glycemic index that affects diabetic conditions) and saves your patients’ body the deleterious health effects of an alcohol shot each time they take their medicine.