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What we offer you

  • An extensive range of exclusive, 100% true alcohol free, ratio intact, liquid Tinctract™ herbs
  • Custom mixed herbs available to order via phone, fax, email or the online.
  • The freedom for you to practice without having to outlay for a dispensary or be concerned about discarding out of date stock!
  • Optional Delivery direct to your patients.
  • Worldwide delivery with free freight for all orders over $400.
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How much does it cost?

Above and beyond the product itself – nothing!

Pure Health Direct use a simple pricing structure based on bottle size; no matter how much of which herbs you chose in a blend, the price you pay is per bottle. It’s just too simple – no extra ‘premium herb’ charge, no extra ‘processing’ charges, no ‘labelling’ charges.

Better still, if your patient is interstate or in urgent need ...

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The Pure Health Paradigm

What are Pure Health TincTract™ 100% true alcohol free, ratio intact herbs??

Only the purest, most constituent complete and biologically effective liquid herbal extracts on the face of the earth! If you are an herbalist who is passionate about quality, therapeutic efficacy and providing the best product available to your patients but do not know about or have not used these extracts then you need to read on.

Pure Health TincTract™ liquid …

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To find out more or place and order – email us at info@purehealthdirect.com or call us on 1300 885 348.