Modalities – Your Thyroid on Afternoons with Mary-Lou Stephens

Mary-Lou Stephens, from Afternoons with Mary-Lou Stephens on ABC Sunshine Coast 90.3 FM Radio, talks to Lisa Mitchell, Naturopath, about naturopathy and thyroid problems.

Lisa Mitchell is a Naturopath at the Myddfai Wellness Centre at Kuluin on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast

As a Naturopath, Lisa looks wholistically at a person and treats them, and their symptoms, individually. Lisa says thyroid problems may be stress-induced, an auto-immune condition, or caused by nutritional deficiency – if you don’t have the ingredients you can’t make the recipe. The individual may need help with stress. They may need nutritional information to ensure they have adequate protein and other nutrients such as iodine, selenium and vitamin d in their diet.

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