Brewer’s Yeast Safe and Effective for Constipation

Listed in Cochrane Central’s Register of Controlled Trials is a research article “Effects of fermented milk supplemented with brewer’s yeast cell wall on constipation and fecal microflora in healthy adults.” Nakamura T, Agata K, Nishida S, Shirasu Y, Iino H, Tanaka T, Amamoto T published in Pharmacometrics in 2000 Vol 59 Issue 3-4 Pages 47-55.

In Plain English, the study investigated what happened if fermented milk, with or without brewer’s yeast cell wall (BYC), was added to a constipated person’s diet. Thirty (30) constipated volunteers tried it. Some took fermented milk supplemented with brewer’s yeast cell wall (BYC) at a rate of 6 g BYC per 200 ml during the trial. Some took fermented milk supplemented with brewer’s yeast cell wall (BYC) at a rate of 6 g BYC per 200 ml some of the period. The volunteers who consumed the fermented milk supplemented with brewer’s yeast had more frequent and abundant bowel motions and the motions were more comfortable to pass. For those who had brewer’s yeast cell wall daily it was significantly more frequent and abundant. So Brewer’s Yeast is a safe functional food and an effective way to treat constipation. The beneficial bacteria of fermented milk and BYC taken together improve intestinal environment and bowel movement.

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