What is Complementary Medicine?

Complementary medicine is concerned with both the maintenance of wellness and the treatment of illness and includes a diverse range of medicines and therapies that are not considered to be core conventional medicine practices or core conventional allied health practices. Continue reading

What is Naturopathy?

A Naturopath believes that the body naturally strives for health, and it is the practitioner’s role to support this effort. Sores heal up, if we cut ourselves we heal over, and if we look after it very well, it may heal without a scar. Broken bones heal. Who does the healing? Not the Naturopath or the Doctor. The cut heals itself; the bone heals itself, if it is given the right conditions to do so.

If you break a bone in your leg, and you continue to walk on it, if you don’t rest your body, if you eat and drink devitalized foods then it will take longer to heal and may not heal at all. When you cut yourself the Doctor will tell you to keep the wound clean, maybe put some anti bacterial ointment on it, dress it etc. Why does he do that? To ensure the right conditions are there for the wound or bone to heal. And so to our own bodies, the whole body.

When we suffer with arthritis, PMT and menopause problems, heart and respiratory weaknesses, chronic fatigue, viruses (Ross River Fever) blood sugar problems, depression, eating disorders etc our bodies need the same sort of treatment we would give the wound or the broken bone. That is, the right conditions for healing.

The Naturopath learns non invasive diagnosis, learns about medicinal herbs, exercise and nutrition. Teaching is also received on how to manipulate the soft tissue of the body to relieve muscular pain and stress. This is called massage and there are many ways of doing this. Most importantly, the Naturopath is taught about how the body works and what keeps it working. And this is from a nutritional aspect (physical) and from an emotional and mental aspect (lifestyle). With all of the whole person information, we can then educate, advise and recommend to the client on the right conditions for the body to heal. This then becomes your prescription for healing which may be achieved in one appointment, but most likely achieved over a series of sessions, dependant on the presenting health problems.

Lesley Parker specialises in Nutrition, Food Plans, Children’s Behavioural problems and all general health problems.