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nanomeal Nanomeal-G provides a single serving of NanoGreens10, NanoProPRP and NanOmega-3 combined in individual sachets.  The perfect daily nutrition for travel or the business driven person with limited preparation time!

That’s the equivalent antioxidant intake of 10 organic fruits and vegetables, a meals worth of vegetarian omega-3 fatty acids and a small meals worth of protein – all in 1 convenient packet… just add water!!!

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NanOmega-3 Flyer

nanomega-3NanOmega-3 from BioPharma Scientific, all vegan and organic ingredients for highly absorbed omega-3 support!

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Below are 3 articles written by Dr John H Maher, DC, DCBCN, BCIM of BioPharma Scientific outlining the benefits of ALA, EPA and DHA as found in NanOmega-3:

Flax vs. Fish: The Alpha and the Omega

Flaxseed for Heart Healthy Nutrition

New Study: Dietary ALA sufficient to raise omega-3 levels

Here is a handy chart comparing the Omega-3 and Omega-6 levels in some common oils, nuts and seeds:

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids

FLAX: get it into ya!

Nutritional attributes of Flax

Comparing Flax to a range of other Common Oils



NanoEPADHA incorporates the enhanced absorption technique of emulsification1,2,3 as well as a unique combination of equal strength (natural ratio) EPA & DHA, vitamin D3 and ALL 8 biologically active forms of vitamin E.

This fantastically efficacious product is available in two mouth watering flavours – Lemon Creme & Pina Colada; either of which will have you asking if this really is a fish oil!  You won’t find a better fish oil – especially for kids4.

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A host of clinical research is available to back technology and ingredients used in this product, below is just a taste.

EPA & DHA are the longest and hardest fatty acids for the body to process. While our bodies can produce small amounts, it is rarely enough which is why these fatty acids are classed as essential fatty acids (EFA’s).  In the following article Hans R. Larsen, MSc, ChE extrapolates on this point:

Fish Oils: The Essential Nutrients

1  Raatz SK., Redmon JB., Wimmergren N., Donadio JV., Bibus DM.,2009, Enhanced absorption of n-3 fatty acid s from emulsified compared with encapsulated fish oil., J Am Diet Assoc.,  Jun;109(6):1076-81.
2  T Seternes, IJ Haug, D Zeiss, LB Sagmo, IC Olsen, KI Draget, Gastric stable emulsions provide increased bioavailability of long chain omega-3 fatty acids
3  Iveta Garaiova, Irina A Guschina, Sue F Plummer, James Tang , Duolao Wang3 and Nigel T Plummer 2007, A randomised cross-over trial in healthy adults indicating improved absorption of omega-3 fatty acids by pre-emulsification, Nutrition Journal 2007, 6:4doi:10.1186/1475-2891-6-4
4  F.L. Weng, J. Shults, M.B. Leonard, V.A. Stallings and B.S. Zemel 2007, “Risk factors for low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations in otherwise healthy children and adolescents” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, July 2007, Volume 86, Number 1, Pages 150-158


nanopro NanoPro is like no other protein powder on the market.  While it contains a reasonable amount of high quality and superbly absorbed protein, this creamy, vanilla flavoured powder isn’t just another protein shake for gym goers to help build muscles!  NanoPro has a number of therapeutic benefits other protein shakes couldn’t even dream of providing.

The use of un-denatured whey protein isolate in combination with the lactase enzyme (for those who would otherwise find a lactose containing product unthinkable) is just the tip of the ‘immune focused iceberg’ for NanoPro; other functional ingredients include whole colostrum (taken from grain fed, non hormone fed, New Zealand cows) from the first and second milking which is then snap frozen for complete compound sparing, reduced L-glutathione, L-selenomethionine, prebiotics and Prolene Rich Polypeptides (PRP’s) all contribute to an effective blend that aids the scavenging and detoxification of metabolic and immune complexes from the body.  More on PRP’s:

“Proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs) function as signaling peptides produced by activated macrophages and activated T-cells that control the production of all cytokines. These naturally occurring peptides are found throughout the body and are the main regulators of cell protein synthesis. PRPs are also often called info-peptides, info-proteins, or cytokine precursors.”

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A short article discussing the relationship between the un-denatured whey protein used in nanoPro and many of its other antioxidant and detoxifying ingredents:

The Whey to Enhancing Glutathione, Our Most Powerful Endogenous Antioxidant and Detoxifier

Part of NanoPro’s ability to modulate immune responses in the body comes from the generous amount of Lacoferrin: around 35-40g per serve!  More about this below:

Lactoferrin: Multifunctional Whey Peptide Super Food

Here, we see the impact of PRP’s on anaphylaxic response in animals:


Finally, the documented results of combining NanoGreens10 and NanoPro – it’s exciting but certainly far from heart stopping!!



This incredible tasting “Red” powder features the highly absorbed and longer lasting antioxidant benefits from proprietary made Wellberry™.  Combining Wellberry™ with a host of other organic fruits and vegetables means that nanoReds10 provides the anti-oxidant punch of a huge 10 serves of fruit and vegetables in a single serve!

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The review below by BioPharma Scientific’s own John H Maher, DC, DCBCN, BCIM, outlines some of the scientifically shown benefits NanoReds10 may provide:

Here Dr John Maher of BioPharma Scientific highlights some of the “lesser known” theories of osteoporosis causality related to phytonutrient status:

The Etiology of Osteoporosis: Bones of Contention!

NanoGreens10 Research Information

nanogreensNanoGreens10 from BioPharma Scientific is not only the best tasting ‘green superfood’ around but it is also one of the most highly researched.  Below are some of the articles available pertaining to the product and its ingredients;

The effect of fruit and vegetable powder mix on hypertensive subjects: a pilot study

Investigation of antioxidant and triglyceride status of rats consuming a diet enriched by a  complex phytonutrient supplement, NanoGreens10.


nanomineralsNanoMinerals are the only complete chelated multi mineral powder utilizing all Albion® chelated minerals – the worlds leading brands in mineral nutrition.  Albion® TRAACS® (The Real Amino Acid Chelate System) are world leaders in mineral chelation.  Not only did they set the benchmark for quality but they have revolutionized testing procedures and compound validation methods globally and produce the validated mineral chelates used in NanoMinerals.

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This potent and balanced blend is hypoallergenic, vegetarian friendly, BSE free, chemically validated (using FTIP finger printing), highly bioavailable and clinically researched! To top it all off, this blend also tastes great with no added sugar and all natural ingredients.

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