Fermented Brown Rice Protein – organic and raw!

Organic bio-fermented, sprouted brown rice protein powder with L-Carnitine

Hypo-Allergenic sprouted rice formulation
Vegan and vegetarian friendly
Complete amino acid profile
Bio-fermented protein for enhanced absorption
Cool, hexane free extraction method to avoid protein denaturing and MSG inclusion
All natural Vanilla or Chocolate flavours with no artificial sweeteners & silky smooth texture!

If you have bones, an immune system and a nervous system, if you want to recover after exercise and/or illness and if you would like your metabolism to work correctly or would like to have a baby one day… then you require protein, everyday! Sadly, both adults and children in our Western world rarely eat enough protein for all of these processes to function at their optimal level.
Additional to this is our general inability to easily and completely absorb the protein we do eat.
NutriDoc BRPP provides the perfect solution as an hypo-allergenic, organic and highly absorbable complete sprouted brown rice protein powder that actually mixes easily and has a delicious natural flavour.
Don’t think for a second that NutriDoc BRPP is just any other brown rice powder. NutriDoc BRPP is leaps and bounds above the rest for so many reasons!
Bio-fermentation means that this non-GMO, wholegrain brown rice remains an intact grain holding all its goodness while slowly being broken down by natural enzymes – not the chemical solvents and machinery used by most protein manufacturers. In this way, maximum nutritional and antioxidant levels remain at the levels and ratios that nature intended them to enter our body.
From start to finish of this marvellous process, the sprouted brown rice is kept to temperatures only slightly above body temperature (always under 50˚C) again ensuring the preservation of all those precious phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids that form the building blocks of so many proteins and enzymes in our bodies. This makes NutriDoc BRPP extremely pure and highly potent!

The Complete Amino Acid Profile
To put things simply, amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Protein of course is the macronutrient required by the body for growth, repair and energy. NutriDoc BRPP’s unique amino acid profile is not only balanced for absolute health support but is also more potent than most other whole foods and supplements. The table (right) shows that NutriDoc BRPP provides higher levels of almost every amino acid making it a more effective protein source than even the humble egg! From the convalescing patient to the elderly or even body builders, NutriDoc BRPP is your best protein choice!

ABSORPTION Many protein powders exist and many claim high protein levels but what does your body do with that protein? When the protein is extracted from a food source it is often denatured by processing leaving you with expensive stools. Whole, raw foods are best absorbed by our body’s and brown rice protein boasts the most stable, even absorption rate of any protein source ensuring the lowest digestive demand and longest satiety.

BIOLOGICAL VALUE (BV) – the measurement of absorbed and utilised product (nutrients or foods) by the body, after ingestion. Not only is NutriDoc BRPP a more complete protein powder but once you have eaten this delicious organic blend, your body recognises the goodness and can easily harness every gram, using it to your full advantage!

L-Carnitine: Science by Nature
NutriDoc BRPP’s unique addition of added L-Carnitine is designed to further strengthen an already balanced and complete natural food. L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that helps to maintain overall good health by facilitating the transfer of fatty acid groups into the mitochondrial membrane for cellular energy production. It naturally occurs in red meat and other animal source foods, but supplementation has been shown clinically to decrease age related DNA damage1, support healthy cardiovascular function2, 3 and facilitate muscle energy4, growth5 and recovery6. The L-Carnitine added to NutriDoc BRPP’s sprouted brown rice protein is the purest form, clinically tested, and vegetarian (non-animal sourced), so every soul can enjoy the clean energy provided by this foundational protein source.
*Reference list available on request

Unlike many other rice proteins, the NutriDoc BRPP manufacturing process does not need deleterious chemicals like caustic soda, sodium hydroxide or even hexane (an accepted solvent by Food Standards Australia New Zealand). Every part of the whole GMO-free grain is used and the exceptional end product does not incidentally generate MSG by it’s 100% organic compliant processing; again setting it apart from and above so many other vegetable proteins powders currently available.

Healthy food means a healthy body and a healthy body, a healthy mind and soul. NutriDoc BRPP organic sprouted rice protein gives you a fighting chance by supplying your body;
Extremely well absorbed nutrients
A complete, potent amino acid profile
Easily utilised protein for maximum health benefits
Organic ingredients
Vegan and vegetarian friendly formula
All natural processing and flavouring
Perfect for VLCDs
Added L-Carnitine for Heart & Energy support
Extremely low allergy formula
Environmentally friendly, chemical free production

To order, go to: http://purehdg.com/by-brand/nutridoc/bio-fermented-brown-rice-protein.html

Iron… without the clog please!

NutriDoc’s Iron Amino-Sorb is a highly absorbed, potent iron complex comparable to any other practitioner grade iron supplement.

This complex features Ferrochel® Iron Bisglycinate, possibly the worlds most researched iron form and globally accepted as very highly absorbed.  The bonus there being that the iron is taken up by your digestive tract rather than not being absorbed and sitting in the bowel clumping into, well, a plug! A generous 27mg per tablet makes this a serious iron supplement. Dong Quai & Red Raspberry have been used traditionally as blood tonics and both show potential for aiding iron absorption and systemic utilisation. Folate and B12 of course aid with red blood cell maturity and health. Synergistic amounts are included in this formula at levels that generally will not interfere with concurrent patient treatment.

The vast majority of uses for Iron Amino-Sorb are based on correcting iron deficiencies. These are common in the western world and normally difficult to reverse as iron is so poorly absorbed by the human gastrointestinal tract. Some but not all, signs of iron deficiency can be; fatigue, poor hair growth, mouth ulcers, a red, sore, smooth tongue, and angular stomatosis (cracks in the corners of the Mouth). Iron concentrates in the liver as ferritin and is required for the oxygenation of tissues due to its incorporation into the hemoglobin molecule.

Conditions relating to iron deficiency include;
Cardiovascular System: iron deficiency anemia or hypoferric anemia1, arrhythmias and malformed red blood cells2.
Nervous System: Aggressiveness3, anxiety, ADHD4, poor attention span5 and frequent headaches. Insomnia, impaired learning ability6 and restless leg syndrome have also been linked to low levels of ferritn specifically7.
Respiratory System: cystic fibrosis and frequent bouts of the common cold8.
Skin/Hair/Nails: Hair Loss may also occur as a result of Iron deficiency9.