New Chapter Receives Varro E. Tyler Phytomedicinal Award

Anaheim, California- March 10, 2011- New Chapter, Inc., industry pioneers in cultured whole-food tonic herbs and vitamins, is proud to announce their acceptance of the 2010 Varro E. Tyler Award, awarded by the American Botanical Council (ABC) for their contributions to phytomedicinal research.

The founding vision and mission of New Chapter is to marry the ancient tradition of herbal medicine with the technological genius of modern science. New Chapter is extremely inspired by Dr. Tyler and what this award signifies. It equally belongs in the hands of those scientists who’ve had the courage and wisdom to appreciate the vast potential herbs have to help heal both humankind and the planet, says Paul Schulick, Founder, Formulator and Master Herbalist for New Chapter.

The award is named after the late Professor Varro E. Tyler, PhD, former dean of the College of Pharmacy and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs at Purdue University. Dr. Tyler was a leading authority and author in botanical medicines and a Trustee of ABC.

Professor Tyler inspired all of us in the herbal industry to use the best tools of modern science to evaluate the safety, quality, and efficacy of our herbal products. He was one of the world’s most respected scholars in the field of herbal medicine, and we are deeply honored to receive the Varro E. Tyler Award from the American Botanical Council, said New Chapter Executive Chairman, Tom Newmark.

New Chapter is receiving this prestigious award for their commitment to research and clinical trials, including work supporting their Wholemega®, Zyflamend® and Prostate 5LX® products. New Chapter has sought to uncover the full scope of the beneficial effects of their leading products through sponsored research agreements with some of the leading academic research institutions in the country, such as Cornell University, Columbia University, and the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. The majority of their research is aimed at increasing awareness over the role of inflammation and the maintenance of normal breast and prostate health. New Chapter has established a policy that each new product they develop will have appropriate preclinical and clinical research behind it, such research to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals for publication.

Dr. Robert Newman, New Chapter’s Chief Science Officer and Founder and former CoDirector of the Pharmaceutical Development Center and Analytical Center at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas shares, All of us at New Chapter are thrilled and also humbled in being honored with this year’s Varro E. Tyler Award. Our belief in using the finest herbal ingredients available, coupled with investments in preclinical and clinical investigations of the health benefits of our supplements, are our pledge and commitment to consumers and ourselves that we are delivering the most innovative and beneficial supplement products possible. Receipt of this award represents a significant milestone in the history of our company and recognition of our research efforts are deeply appreciated.

About the American Botanical Council

Founded in 1988, the American Botanical Council is a leading international nonprofit organization addressing research and educational issues regarding herbs and medicinal plants. ABC’s members include academic researchers and educators, libraries, health professionals and medical institutions, government agencies, members of the herb, dietary supplement, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, journalists, consumers, and others within over 80 countries. The organization occupies an historic 2.5-acre site in Austin, Texas where it publishes the quarterly journal HerbalGram, the monthly epublication HerbalEGram, HerbClips (summaries of scientific and clinical publications), reference books, and other educational materials. ABC also hosts HerbMedPro, a powerful herbal database, covering scientific and clinical publications on more than 225 herbs, as well as co-produces the “Herbal Insights” segment for Healing Quest, a television series on PBS.

About New Chapter

New Chapter is a widely respected producer, formulator, packager and distributor of organic probiotic nutrients and herbal formulations, selling products to natural channel retail locations, as well as medical professionals and pharmacies. New Chapter is the first vitamin and supplement company verified by the Non-GMO Project. New Chapter is also the first organic certified vitamin and supplement company.

New Chapter donates 10% or more of their after-tax profits to the conservation of tropical rainforests and the sacred seeds that sustain all herbal traditions.

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