NanoLean Flyer

nanolean NanoLean provides a unique combination of cutting edge metabolic boosters.  While this is a product that will aid with weight loss it is far from being one of the typical fat binding, laxative style powders!  NanoLean includes specifically designed ingredients like Sensoril®, Svetol®, Green Tea Extract, All Natural, non-GMO Dietary Fiber and a blend of Vitamins and Minerals to achieve optimal metabolism.

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Made from the ancient herb Withania somnifera, Sensoril®† has been scientifically shown to decrease cortisol levels resulting from chronic and acute stress.  Unbalanced cortisol levels have been shown to interrupt the body’s ability to maintain healthy glucose metabolism and body weight making it the perfect holistic ingredient for NanoLean.

Green coffee-bean extract Svetol®†† has been shown to increase the body’s release of stored fatty acids.  The resultant effect is an increase in energy as those fatty acids can then be used for fuel and a decrease in stored body fat; the perfect toning result!

Green Tea’s affinity for increasing metabolism makes it another perfect candidate for this all natural product, likewise 5g of dietary fiber from non-GMO corn aids the feeling of fullness to help curb any cravings and break the habit of grabbing something to eat just for the sake of it.

Packed with supporting vitamins and minerals, NanoLean is the perfect science-backed and great tasting weight loss solution!

† Svetol® is a registered trademark of Naturex Inc.
†† Sensoril® is a registered trademark of Natreon, Inc.