Pure Health Direct Global– Integrative Health Solutions

The Pure Health Story

In 2007 the humble beginnings of a business were birthed from a vision into a living, breathing company.  Just new to the international stage and with skeleton staff this company quickly found ground, picked up the worldwide rhythm and started performing at a level that caught our surprised competitors’ attentions.  Although selling only a few small ranges of products, in a few short years the sales increased, staff numbers grew, our product ranges multiplied to see the establishment of a fully functional, international business boasting qualified practitioner staff, a number of internationally acclaimed practitioner affiliates contributing to the Pure Health Direct Global (PHDG) Resources database, product distributors and international retailers.

PHDG continues to grow from strength to strength ever expanding in knowledge, product ranges, staff and affiliates. We source and stock only the highest quality supplements available worldwide as well as provide Private Labeling of many of these extraordinary products.

What We Do

Integrative Health Solutions, that’s it.  PHDG has a number of branches operating in order to;

  • Supply high quality herbal and nutritional supplements around the world
  • Educate Practitioners and Consumers with up to date, science and clinical experience based information
  • Provide second to none service to all our customers
  • Provide reasonable Private Labeling opportunities to Practitioners and Retailers
  • Manage our in house Herbal Pharmacy dispensing on behalf of Practitioners

For Practitioners

You are our main focus – our success in both sales and information distribution relies on strong, smart and motivated practitioners excelling in their field.  The more we can provide you with information and quality products, the better your patient outcomes will be.  This builds to a powerful, mutually advantageous relationship in which we all prosper and your patients get the best health outcome possible.

Ensuring your exclusive access to practitioner only products is important to us, making sure you have exclusive access to high quality, high potency supplements is foremost on our list of commitments to you.  You will never find our Practitioner Only products on a retail/discount website or even in an health food shop with  ‘practitioner’ retail staff – Practitioner Only means Practitioner in Clinic Only and that is that.

We would welcome you to become one of our practitioner affiliates, if you have research or clinical studies you would like published on the web then contact us as we are constantly collating practitioner health resources.  This information is available through your membership, PHDG believes in the free flow of wisdom for the combined good of our practitioners and patients, if you would like to be part of this exchange then head over to the Health Resources page (once you have logged in) and start your search!  Our aim is to have the biggest, functional online practitioner information resource to make your job easier and let you share and hone your knowledge anytime, anyplace.

For new practitioners we offer not only our great customer support and information archive but our Herbal Pharmacy is a service that can be an integral part of your practice.  There is no need to purchase thousands of dollars worth of herbal liquids when you can simply send us in the amounts you wish mixed and your patient’s details and let us send out their finished, custom formula on your behalf.  Of course product rebates apply to all patient ordered products, call us or email for more details.

For Distributers and Retailers

While we love our Practitioners here at PHDG, we also understand that Distributors and Wholesalers have a desire to sell high quality supplements and at competitive prices.  To this end we stock retail ranges and offer excellent volume discounts on single or combined products.  We have dedicated ranges that are Health Food Shop only and a wide variety of wholesaling options available.

As with our Practitioners, we offer an extremely competitive private labeling process that includes hundreds of quality products to secure your supply to the market place; for more details call our friendly staff or email for further details.

Our Consumer and Patient Customers

The retail portion of PHDG’s business is significant and we most certainly enjoy connecting with patients and consumers.  While PHDG is Practitioner focused, we spend a huge amount of time on the phones and emailing patients who have been directed to us by their practitioner to purchase supplements.  It is always a pleasure to hear the success of treatments and we encourage you to contact us with any feedback or questions you may have about your products.

While we always encourage you to speak with your own local practitioner (let’s face it, they know you the best!), PHDG have qualified practitioner staff who can answer questions about the best way to keep your product or how to mix powders for the best taste, through to questions on the safety of taking products with medications.  If you would like to purchase Practitioner Only products then we are more than happy to link you with the details of an affiliated practitioner in your local area to make sure you get the complete support and best health outcome that you deserve.